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Children Sonic Rings Scarf

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  • Handmade Sonic Rings Scarf  
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    Materials: acrylic yarn

  •   Originally patterned up a few years ago, this is only the second scarf like this i've ever made due to the pestering of friends that i should make more and sell them. I might release the pattern for sale at some point, but at the moment it's just the scarf. Scarf is 5 1/2 ft long, and can be fringed in your choice of colors, but yellow, gold, blue, or a variegated mix look best.

    This is based on sonic's classic appearance, if anyone wants a modern green-eyed version i'd be willing to make one.

    (a shipping note, due to some problems with international sales, shipping to germany is increased due to the fact they've now lost two packages in customs, and only one finally successfully arrived 2 1/2 months later.) 
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