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NO Holiday Greetings Plz! (Shirt)

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  • Handmade NO Holiday Greetings Plz! (Shirt)
  •   NO Holiday Greetings Plz!

    The "Primary" color that you pick, will be the "Shirt Fabric" color. Plz note "Long-Sleeve" if you want a LONG-SLEEVE shirt! If there's no note, shirt will be SHORT-SLEEVE.

    Made To Order, Processing Policy! * Please note that all items are hand made to order and because of the volume of orders that I receive, I ask that if you decide to order from me that you please be patient with the design process... orders generally ship on the last day of the processing time - 14th business day... plz do NOT order if this is a problem for you as I'm one person (NOT a big company) and must hand make every single order as they come in... to thank you for taking the time to fully read over my Processing Policy and agreeing to it, ur welcome to use discount code PPR2OFF to receive a courtesy discount at checkout... Thanks!

    ** Designs may vary a tiny bit so that all shirts made aren't exactly a like.

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